Here are a few items of interest to woodworkers. Some may come and go, depending on what is available, and what sells. Please include $5. for shipping each item. Maine residents add 5.5% sales tax. Send to;

C. H. Becksvoort
P O Box 12,
New Gloucester, ME 04260

Shaker Inspiration
Lost Art Press, 2018

Full color, hard cover, printed in USA. Three sections:I) the Basics includes materials, skills, solid wood furniture construction, craftsmanship, and design; II) the Business includes getting started , setting up shop, business considerations, and marketing; III) Inspiration includes my designs (with 13 measured drawings), Shaker reproductions includes 7 pieces (with measured drawings), and 16 classic Shaker pieces.

All in all, a brief summery of my 5 decades of woodworking . $43.
Build A Shaker Lap Desk
This pine lap desk is versatile enough to be used as a writing desk, or as a support and storage desk for your tablet or laptop. Covers dovetail construction, breadboards, setting hinges and cutting the dividers.

From Lie-Nielsen Productions, $35.

Making Through DovetailsMaking a DrawerMaking Through Dovetails & Making a Drawer
Learn how to layout, saw and chop dovetails the way I've been making them for years. "Tails first for through dovetails, and half blind for drawer construction. All it takes is these two DVDs and practice. Sold as a set. 39 minutes 72 minutes.
EllKat Productions. $45.
Digital downloads are available at

Build a Chisel BoxBuild a Chisel Box
A one day project featuring through dovetails and a sliding lid, for chisels or other small items. 73 Minutes . EllKat Productions. $30.
Digital downloads are available at

Build a Shaker Bench.
Make this sturdy Shaker bench with through mortise and tenon joints and four dovetails braces. One of my most popular workshops and a great weekend hand tool project. 111 minutes. EllKat Productions. $30. 
Digital downloads are available at

The Shaker Legacy: Perspectives on an Enduring Furniture Style
By Christian Becksvoort. The Taunton Press, 1998

Shaker furniture has influenced countless designers, myself included. This new book looks also at the Shaker contributions in the fields of music, art, religion, civil rights, and modern conveniences. An entire chapter deals with how their designs and workmanship were a direct outgrowth of their religious beliefs. The majority of the book is devoted to over 140 cases, tables and chairs, desks, built-ins, beds, clocks, and smaller items. Examples of the full spectrum of early, classic and Victorian pieces are explored, some never before photographed. Autographed, of course.
"If your library has room for only one book on the Shakers and their furniture, this is it." -Shaker Workshops.
$ 40.

The Shaker Legacy is out of print, and Taunton is not reprinting it. I have the last 300 hardcover copies, new, and signed. Available from me, at the address above.


With the GrainWith the Grain: A Craftsman's Guide to Understanding Wood, Lost Art Press, 2013
"This is the book about wood that I wished I'd had when I started woodworking." Chris Schwarz

A wonderful combination of wood technology, tree identification, forestry, sawing, drying, and joinery as it applies to solid wood cabinet work. The last chapter covers techniques for predicting wood movement, as well as how to deal with it. Check the January 2013 News & Events page for more details. Hardcover, Smythe sewn, printed in the USA. Autographed. $34.

Dovetail marker
I made mine in 1975, out of dogwood, and it still has nice, crisp edges. Made of native hardwoods. About 3" long, with a 10° angle (unless you specify otherwise).

Dovetail Marker

CHB  Tools

CHB Tool Designs:
Over the years I've designed a few tools to make our woodworking easier. Router bits: Flush panel router bit with 22° edge relief; round head and flat head screw slot bits to allow for wood movement; cove and bead bit. Also, expansion washers, used in conjunction with round head screw slot bit to allow for wood movement. Screws can be tightened to the washers and still move as the wood expands and contracts through the seasons. All of the above are sold by Lee Valley Tools, but most have been copied by unscrupulous manufacturers.
Lock chisels, right and left hand set, to allow lock strike mortises to be chopped out in narrow drawer openings and other areas with limited access. Available from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks



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