8 Arm Chandelier

New 8-Arm Chandelier
(12H x 22W x 22D)

Cherry hub, anodized aluminum spiral arms and stainless steel drip cups. Available with wooden rod and shackle (shown), or black or silver chain, and LED lights (shown) or candles. $1,650.




(12H x 22W x 22D)

Cherry hub, anodized aluminum reversed arms and stainless steel drip cups. Available with wooden rod and shackle, or silver or black chain (shown), and LED lights or candles (shown). $1,750.

10 Arm Chandelier

12 Arm Chandelier


(12H x 22W x 22D)

Cherry hub, anodized aluminum spiral arms and stainless steel drip cups. Available with wooden rod and shackle , or black or silver chain (shown), and LED lights or candles (shown). $1,850.

Tiger Maple Swinging Wall Lamp

Tiger Maple Swinging Arm Wall Lamp
(6H x 2W x 18D)

Also available in cherry. Great lighting and ambiance next to your favorite reading chair. $750., for the arm. Use your own shade, or commission a glass shade from Tandem Glass in Dresden, ME.



Cherry Curved Arm Wall Lamp
(21H x 2W x 23D)

The curved, graceful, arm consists of three splined pieces. The base is mounted to a wall stud with a metal dovetail key. Swivels left and right, to aim the light just where you need it. $950., for the arm. Use your own shade or commission a glass shade from Tandem Glass in Dresden, ME.

Cherry Curved Arm Wall Lamp

Wall Mirror

Wall Mirror  
(56H x 22W x 3/4D)
A full size wall mirror is a must in the bedroom, dressing room or hallway.  Available in three shapes: oval, rectangle and bowed rectangle (shown).  Other sizes to suit. $775.

Round Candleholders

Round Candleholders
(2-1/2 H x 2-1/2 - 4 W)
These turned candleholders are made of cherry, maple, walnut or whatever I have at hand that is of interest. Sizes and shapes vary from round to oval, onion or squash shaped, with a hint of figure to bark inclusions, dark streaks, burls or swirling grain. I just stumbled across a great figured maple plank, and have a few cherry burls left. Drip cups are stainless steel.
$100. each
Reflector Sconce Reflector Sconce
(18H x 7 W x 9D)
For years I've wanted to make a contemporary reflector sconce. This one features a bentwood cherry arm, brushed stainless steel reflector and drip cup.
photo of Northern Light Northern Light (left)
60H x 12W x 12D
A tall, thin hexagon consisting of a cherry framework and 36 panels of white pine. Simple in design, this floor lamp radiates ambiance.
Personalized Plaque
10H x 8W x 3/4D
When a friend asked for a wooden Valentine, and told me to use my imagination, this is what I came up with. Black walnut background, Versal lettering, carved, gilded, bas-relief heart, and a rock maple frame. Instead of a heart, picture a different object that holds special meaning, your monogram, or date for an anniversary, graduation, birthday, or other special occasion. Use your imagination.
Starting at $575

Shaker Wall Clocks
(34 x 11 x 4 1/2)
Originally built by Br. Isaac Newton Youngs of the Mt. Lebannon, NY community. The movements are hardened brass, weight driven, 8-day wind up, of the highest quality. Clocks can be hung from Shaker peg boards or can be stood on shelves. Available in either oiled black cherry or ebonized cherry with a satin varnish spray finish. Handsome either way.

Tree Lamp Tree Lamp
60H x 18W x 18D
The most recent lamp design is sold in two parts, so you can add your own shade to the base, or order the shade for your lamp. The base is cherry, with one hollow leg through which the wire runs. Quarter sawn fir was used for the shade, although it looks equally good in any light veneer. Feel free to inquire about other species.
Shade $ 750 Base $ 850
Jack-in-the- Pulpit
24H x 3W x 6D
A single candle in a graceful laminated holder. It is suspended from the ceiling with a piece of clear monofilament. As it slowly turns, it casts shadows of itself around the room.
$ 375

Onion Light Onion Light
12H x 17W x 17D
Concentric bands of birch (shown) or cherry from this interesting hanging lamp. The size and shape possibilities are almost limitless.
$ 1800

Six Arm Chandelier

Six-Arm Chandelier
22H x 20W x 20D
Each arm consists of four layers of laminated cherry, joined into a central column. The drip cups are stainless steel. A hanging rod, attached with a wooden shackle, is made to suit the height of you're ceiling. For elegant candlelight dining. $1,900.

Ring Table Lamp

Ring Table Lamp
20H x 13W x 13D
Designed to mask the cold light of compact fluorescents, the wooden rings emit a warm ambiance. Cherry frame, and maple rings.

Coat Tree

Coat Tree
72H x 20W x 20D
Imagine this piece in your hallway. A tapered hexagonal post with six Shaker pegs. A good place to hang your hat.


Storage Box

Storage Box
11 1/4H x 21W x 14 1/2D
Perhaps the ultimate storage box. Carefully designed to hold newspapers, over 100 record albums, six gallon jugs, kindling, toys, yarn, boots, magazines or catalogs. Makes a great birthday or anniversary present. Available in hand-dovetailed pine (shown)
or cherry $925.

Snow Glider©
38H x 48W x 16D
The graceful and light horse-drawn sleigh or "cutter," reached its height of style and popularity at the turn of the century. Before the motor car, it was the preferred means of transportation during the winter. The baby sleigh was a direct descendant; a means of getting little ones into the fresh air during cold weather. These smaller versions of the cutter were popular well into the twentieth century. Except for an occasional antique, they have all but disappeared.

Now they are being recreated in my shop. The Snow Glider© is a composite of several styles, utilizing traditional joinery, the best modern technology, and the finest materials. Sturdy, light, graceful and elegant, they are intended for use through many winters ... for generations.

The coach body is constructed of bent, reinforced ash, finished in multiple coats of hand-rubbed and polished midnight blue lacquer, with gold leaf pin stripe. The undercarriage is mortised and tenoned in the traditional manner, for strength. Angle reinforcements, braces, and the runners are solid brass. Sleigh bells are cast brass. The upholstery is wide-channel construction of soft, oiltanned leather, for comfort. The Glider weighs barely 22 pounds.
$ 12,400


Shaker Tall Clock
81-1/2H x 15-3/8W x 8-3/4D
Since I first saw this clock in 1974, I've wanted to build it. Only recently have I located a handmade mechanism with a one second beat, worthy of this case. Like the original, the mechanism shown is time only (no bell strike). It is available with a cast bell which strikes the hours. The case comes in clear pine with mahogany stain, like the Shaker clock (shown), in cherry, or ebonized matte black maple.
$ 6,600
With Strike  $6900

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